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Hand loom Industry is the most ancient industry in Sri Lanka’s written History. Several history books including “Mahawamsa” have categorically described this industry.One of the famous history book “Raja Tharangani” mentioned that the master pieces of hand loom produce by Sri Lankan weavers had agreat demand by Indian princes for their special occasions though the Indian handlooms were available contemporarily.

The art of making fabric by means of cotton thread through a wooden machine powered by human labour, is called hand loom. It is a green product produce through rural womenfolk. In Sri Lankan context, handloom often used pure cotton as raw material. A handloom is considered as one of the very delicate and complex are among all fine arts.The special features of the product are elegancy, cool and refreshing feeling for body and soul. It is the composite result of a blend of generations old designing experience, skill and ecofriendly production process.

Southerners are famous for this art/industry sinceits inception as it requires the skill, creativity, and talent which are inherent to them. Fromthe inception of this industry in Sri Lanka, South as a province is in the forefront of this eco-friendly Industry as the designs are unique for them. In the context of Southern Sri Lanka, “RuhunuRansalu” is the brand name created by Department of Industrial Development of Southern Province (IDD-SP) for its products which are manufactured by experienced, talented weavers in Galle, Mathara,Hambanthota Districts. Providing testimonial to its Creativity and Talents “RuhunuRansalu” became the National Award winner for year 2015 and 2016 in the “National Ransalu” completion conducted by Department of Handloom.

To cater to the ever-growing demand for “RuhunuRansalu”, IDD-SP has expanded its production capacity and quality. We are operating our own state of the art yarn dying facility with eco-friendly purification treatment plants with in the province using world renowned dyes keeping in line with world accepted green concepts. We are working hand in hand with academic professionals in Sri Lankan Universities to infuse updated essential technological and aesthetic inputs to our industries continuous growth.Our aim is to blend the tradition with innovative creativity in this industry tocater the competitive markets to satisfy our customers while giving opportunities to the womemfolk to improve the rural economy.

“RuhunuRansalu” provides whole range of handloom solutions for Home Décor range including Door and Window Curtains, Bed sheets Bed Spreads, Bed Covers Runners, Pillow cases, Table Cloths, Runners, Serviettes, Wall Hangers, etc. and garments such as cotton and silk Sarees, sarongs, , shawls, beach wrap, and lungies and ladies tops on whole sale and retail basis.

This “Ruhunu Fashion” web is our new marketing arm to offer our “RuhunuRansalu”,”Ruhunu Crafts” products and other talented southerners products to our on line customers with in the country as well as in the world.